Culture Review

Book Review: 

"Today we evangelicals are showing signs that we are becoming too rich and too prominent for out good. With a curious disregard for the lessons of history we are busy fighting for recognition by the world and acceptance by society."

In this collection of Tozer's works, he addresses how the Christian should live amongst a society highly influenced by the enemy. He discusses topics such as:

the model church
the world as a battleground
a genuine Christian vs a shallow Christian
how the Christian ought to approach the worldliness of culture
how most Christians have embraced the world and mixed it with religious activity
and more
I love Tozer, he had a real anointing and a way with words that leave you convicted and full. He taught the real thing in a no-nonsense fashion which I always appreciate. With Tozer, it's all boldness, no compromise, and straight to the point. So the subtitle caught my attention. I was expecting it to be amazing as always.

While, the topic is a good one, much needed in our times, whoever compiled these works could have done a better job in my opinion. Some chapters have little to do with the topic and it's all over the place. Most of the chapters don't connect well. It's a bit disorganized. This is the reason for my taking away one star. However, the content is convicting as always.

I received a copy of this book from Moody in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.