Culture Review

Book Review: 

Culture: Living as Citizens of Heaven on Earth -- Collected Insights from A. W. Tozer contains a compelling collection of writing excerpts from Tozer. There are twenty-four selections focused on what it means to be a Christian in a world not focused on Christ. Tozer's writings proclaim a hard truth in a challenging and though-provoking manner, as well as the hope in heaven for those following Christ.

According to the Publisher's Note, Tozer "covers topics like truth, the meaning of the church, the veracity of Scripture, and how Christians should live in this world while maintaining their identities as citizens of another.... While these are merely the words of one servant of the Lord, from many decades ago, they also represent timeless truths that ought to be heeded in our day. The context may change and the specific battles may vary, but the truth remains the same." This book is divided into twenty-four chapters, and it includes the Publisher's Note and Sources.

Culture: Living as Citizens of Heaven on Earth is ideal for those wanting to focus on living for Christ in this worldly culture. It's recommended and geared for all ages, from young adults to older generations.

Note: I received this book from Moody Newsroom, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.