Daniel (Everyday Bible Commentary Series) Review

Book Review: 

John Whitcomb is a seasoned professor and writes on the book of Daniel with clarity and simple understanding from a Conservative viewpoint. This implies that some readers may disagree on some of the perspectives of Whitcomb, however, this volume is helpful from a historical standpoint of what occured during Daniel’s time and what is to come in the future.

The Everyday Bible Commentary is a helpful series for the teacher or learner who is seeking to grasp understanding and comprehension of the bible text(s). This series is not a full-blown in-depth resource but does serve as an introductory tool to learning the biblical text and history.

What one will find from Whitcomb is a concise resource that walks the reader through Daniel in a verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter instruction. This ensures the reader that they will be able to see what is taking place step-by-step rather than just a fly-by approach.

This resource is available through Moody Press and/or Amazon.

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