Design Your Day Review

Book Review: 

My personality is all about being organized! I love lists, I love checking things off my list, I love my entire house to be organized, I love simplicity, and I love less clutter. Unfortunately, my life often doesn't look or feel like any of those. It more often reflects chaos, being overwhelmed, and stressed. So I'm always looking for better ways to implement productivity, efficiency, goals, organization, and purpose.

First, this is an extremely easy, quick read which makes it more effective. It's not overwhelming and not cluttered with too much information. The ideas are simple, basic and straight forward. The implementation is the difficult part but requires our responsibility rather than just reading a book.

Claire splits the book into two sections:
- Decide: this section pushes you to think and process through what is important, what is a priority, and what we should be addressing immediately versus down the road.
- Organize: this section provides suggestions, ideas, and tips for organizing your life around what you decided in the first section.

As a note, this book does not reference God very often. She doesn't seem to weave God or Scripture or christian ideals throughout the concepts. This is a bit disappointing but I understand the main purpose of the book is not necessarily to learn more about God but rather to practically understand how to live each day more efficiently and fully.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.