Design Your Day Review

Book Review: 

Work smarter, not longer, is the theme of ‘Design Your Day’ by Claire Diaz Ortiz.
This easy to read and digest time management book will inspire readers to create a new work schedule for themselves that leaves room in life for things besides work, including hobbies and family.
Ortiz outlines strategies for coping with work time; but the best advice I gleaned was to regularly complete your work at the time of day when you are most productive.
She says, “we all have times of the day and days of the week that work best for particular tasks, and it is essential to figure out what those times are and to make sure that we respect them to their holiest extent.”
However, Ortiz also acknowledges there will be times when life comes along and upsets our schedule. Her emphasis is on sticking to routine as much as possible to create space in our lives for the things we want to do, not just things we have to do. She also talks about goal setting, how to manage email, and batch work, which is the handling tasks of a similar type, at the same time.
What I liked best about ‘Design Your Day’ was its brevity. Time suckers are time suckers, even when doing research, so by creating short chapters, Ortiz provides useful techniques without bogging readers down.
Of course, no time management tool has value unless it's put into practice, and because her ideas are easy to understand and implement, readers can utilize most of them immediately.
So, if you need help organizing your work life without a lot of unnecessary fluff, this book is for you.
*A free copy of this book was provided by Moody Press in exchange for an honest review.
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