Discerning the Voice of God Review

Book Review: 

"How do you know it's God speaking?"

"How do I hear God's voice?"

"Does God speak to people today?

I've heard these questions from friends and in Bible studies, and I've asked them myself. "How do I know it's God and not me?" seems to be a question every Christian asks himself at least once on the journey.

So I was excited to find this book by Priscilla Shirer. Discerning the Voice of God offers practical advice for God-glorifying decision-making. Shirer takes a complex and sometimes confusing issue -- "Is it God?" "Or me?" "Or the Enemy?" -- and breaks it down into simple pieces. Will it bring glory to God? Is it consistent with His truth? Is it confirmed by external circumstances? Do you have a sense of peace, even if the decision is challenging? These "tests" make hearing from God accessible to all believers, not just a chosen few.

Discerning the Voice of God was my introduction to Shirer's writing and teaching, and I have to say, I want to read more. She speaks from the heart with conviction and confidence. Her teaching is to the point and simple, bringing clarity not creating confusion. Her passion for the Lord and His truth comes through in her writing.

My family is facing some major life decisions and I've found Discerning the Voice of God to be a trustworthy guide through the process.

FAVORITES: Shirer uses personal examples and common experiences to illustrate her points. I connected with her like I would sharing a cup of coffee with a girlfriend. Her insights make hearing from God less intimidating.

FAULTS: A couple of Scriptures seemed stretched to fit her point when looked at in context. However, I haven't studied those Scriptures in depth nor did I look up the original language. Those rare instances didn't detract from the overall message.

IN A WORD: Understandable. Shirer speaks to new Christians and seasoned saints alike. She doesn't just say, "listen for the still small voice" in answer to the "how do I hear from God?" question. She tells you what that looks like and sounds like and how she's experienced it in her life. This book is a great resource.

I received a free copy of the book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my review.