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Book Review: 

I finally picked up this book on recommendation. @marksayers dropped this book some time ago, digging into the reality of the Church in a post-Christian West. Amidst the cultural pressures, the rise of individual self-rule, the Christian attempts to be hot and cold, and the increase of Christian leaders falling or leaving the faith (which has increased since the book was written), Sayers gives us an encouraging and challenging vision for how Church can embrace it's counter-cultural witness. He begins with an honest evaluation of post-Christian culture, and the dissolution of the Church, before setting sights on how the Church can grow within such a hostile world.

As culture takes the fruit of Christianity without Christ, and local churches strive for cultural relevance, the dissolution of Christian morals begins not only on the fringes, but at the heart of our congregations. Sayers details the move from gospel resilience to cultural relevance, and how in the midst of it we lost the heart of the gospel.

Throughout the book, Sayers combines missiology, theology, sociology, history, art, proving to be a skilled thinker and communicator. His assessment of ancient gnosticism, the rise of modern gnosticism, and how the gospel redeems both is spot on. Moreover, his encouragement toward faithful orthodoxy, gospel-witness, and courage through creativity, is a timely challenge as we turn the page on a new decade, without over-simplifying our mission.

If you haven't yet, check this book out!
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**book graciously provided by @moodypublishers for an honest review