Discipleship Review

Book Review: 

The efforts and impact of A. W. Tozer were simply not wasted. Thanks be to those who were impacted by him and their work to preserve his works for later generations to dwell on.

In this latest collection of sermons, essays and other writings from Tozer, readers will get a feast on what discipleship is for the child of God. Readers can also plan to get a contrast of what discipleship is not and how it disguises itself as the authentic lifestyle of discipleship.

This edition of Tozer's writings is chalk-full of insight and truth on the life of a Christian. There are many heavy readings to ponder and dwell on so that application can be accurately produced in the life of the reader(s).

This book came highly recommended and it continues to be today and in the days ahead.

Tozer's pulse on the Christian life is clear, vibrant and accurate, even so for today's generation & the generations to come.

Thank you to MP Newsroom. I received this book from MP Newsroom for the purpose of an unbiased review.