Discipling As Jesus Discipled Review

Book Review: 

Discipling As Jesus Discipled: 7 Disciplines of a Disciplemaker

Dan Spader is one of the leading voices on discipleship. I have read most of his material, and I am always impressed. Discipling As Jesus Discipled is Dan's four chair discipling book broken down is a more practical way to follow. Dan doesn't give you methods to follow and steps to keep, and then promises if you follow these steps your ministry will grow. Instead, Dan lays out the life of Jesus and pulls out practical principles that we the readers can apply to our lives and the lives of others.

What I liked about Discipling As Jesus Discipled: 7 Disciplines of a Disciplemaker is Dan doesn't only give you principles to study, he also gives you a ton of reflection areas so you can pause and reflect on your own life, ministry, and personal discipleship. In each section, you are asked to lean in, look down, look out, look in, look up and then live out.

Following these steps each week, help you lead your small group more effectively, which will have a more significant impact on you and your group. But this material doesn't just work in a group setting; you can also do it as your reflection time each week. That's how I used it first before I started walking others through the book.

All in all, i recommend this book along with his other book four chair discipling. Together you will make the life and Jesus clear to you and your listeners.