DIY Guilde to Building a Family that Lasts Review

Book Review: 

I have read several books by Gary Chapman and have benefited from every single one. So I was eager to read his next book to learn more about raising a family from a biblical perspective.

Chapman and Warden provide 12 tools to help raise a strong family through the lens of a home improvement project. I enjoyed the analogy of home improvement projects to family improvement projects. Within the introduction, Chapman writes "They're not trying necessarily to be "perfect" parents, they merely recognize and want to change some ongoing issues at home before it's too late..." Home improvement projects are rarely perfect and often times take a long time to accomplish. But the end result is always an improvement to the previous.

The 12 tools are as follows:
- Building Kindness
- Increasing Gratitude
- Cultivating Love
- Seeking Compromise
- Choosing Forgiveness
- Improving Communication
- Enhancing Trust
- Developing Compassion
- Increasing Patience
- Getting Organized
- Creating Fun
- Building Connection

Each chapter has a very specific structure and flow beginning with a Home Improvement Goal and Home Improvement Tool. The remainder of each chapter includes the following sections:
- Drawing Up The Plans
- Do-It-Yourself
- All-In Budget
- Sweat Equity
- Big Reveal
- Talk It Over

I definitely enjoyed the structure of the book along with the plethora of practical advice given for each tool discussed. Chapman and Warden also provide a Home Life Inspection Quiz at the end of the book to help assess where your family is at on each of the tools.

A very helpful practical resource for building your family within biblical guidelines.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.