DNA Review

Book Review: 

Being able to see Horton speak, I know the passion that he has. His book “DNA: Foundation of the Faith” is an example of that passion! Horton writes in a way that is easy to understand and perfect for any Christian to develop a solid foundation of understanding Christianity. Horton talks about everything from, what is the Bible? To, how do I live this out? With writing “DNA” it would be easy to not even open up the Bible itself. But Horton didn’t forget that the Word needs to be read.

Throughout the book you will have many opportunities to write about different passages of scripture, almost as if you are doing a personal bible study, while reading a book. Don’t understand a big word? No problem! There is a great word bank in the back to help you with those tough words. You not only learn about the Bible itself, but you get to open the Bible and learn more about God. “DNA” is a very practical, educating, spiritual book all at the same time.

This is an awesome tool for young Christians, from early teens to late twenty’s, youth groups or small groups, individual usage, and new believers. It’s geared for the urban reader, but I believe that once you understand some of the lingo, you will be able to use it in any setting.

I personally felt that some of the language that was used was not needed. I am not from an urban setting, but I compare the language to my Dad trying to use language of my generation. (The language used in DNA was not coarse or vulgar)

I really liked some of the books that Horton suggested to read about different topics. Some very good authors are given as suggestions to read more about certain subjects.

This book was made available to me for the purpose of reviewing