Do Angels Really Have Wings? Review

Book Review: 

Have you ever picked up a book with great anticipation only to be extremely let down? I have, and this is the book. No offense to the various ones who contributed to this book or to Moody Publishers, who has given
me to book in exchange for my honest review. But I found so much of this book to be confusing, misleading, and even contradictory.
Now I understand that we all have theological differences, and some of those are evidenced in this book. But some of these things are just plain out crazy. While I did find some good answers to many questions, I found just as many that are way out there, and some that even contradict themselves within the same answer just to try and save face with their theological belief.
The very relevant questions about texting in church, sex before marriage, communion, baptism, tithing and many others were actually really good. But when the question of - Is suicide one of God's ways to take a believer home to Heaven is asked, the answer is crazy. The writer says no, "it cannot be because suicide is a sin." But then just a sentence later states the following: "Believers who commit suicide go to Heaven." Which is it? If the latter is true, and we all are ready to go, then why not have one mass suicide convention so we can all go to Heaven today? Or what if the depressed Christian picks up this book and reads this answer and decides that taking their own life will get them out of the misery of this life and get them to Heaven faster? I could never recommend a book like this to anyone.
There are many examples, but one other that jumped off the page was the question of a Christian daughter who joined a cult. (By the way, on a previous question about losing your salvation, the writer says: "While a born-again person cannot be lost, his or her steadfast following of Jesus will be proof of belonging to Christ.) Now back to the girl joining a cult. The author says she is lost, but "lost forever? Not unless she chooses to be lost forever." Are you confused yet? I am. This don't add up. First of all, you can't lose your salvation. Second, if you are saved, your following Jesus will be proof of your salvation. Third, now this girl appears to not be following Jesus at all, yet she is still a Christian with a choice of being lost.
Ok, I admit, I have no idea what this even means, except that I don't recommend this book. I appreciate everything that Moody Publishing does. I love the materials and resources that they put out, but I am disappointed that they somehow allowed something this confusing and theologically unsound come off of their presses. So for the first time in all of my years of reviewing books for a variety of companies, I officially give this book a 0 out of 5 stars.