Empty Nest, Full Life Review

Book Review: 

When my son was little, I remember hearing this phrase, "The days are long but the years are short." As I reflect on my son turning 18 a couple of months ago, I believe it is true. The years sure did go by quickly. If you are in a similar position as I am, you may want to read Empty Nest, Full Life by Jill Savage. This book covers a lot of aspects of how to live a better life after your kids leave home and how to love them best as adult children.

Empty Nest, Full Life is divided in to two parts: Let Go! and Hold On! In the first part, Savage talks about how to let go of expectations, guilt, opinions, traditions, your child's problems and idols. She goes in to detail in these chapters on some concepts that I hadn't really thought about. I could relate to so many stories she shared. Reading Empty Nest, Full Life kind of felt like having a mentor woman take me under her wing and to give me some great advice over coffee/tea. The second part, Hold On!, encourages empty nesters to think about the new mission field they have, new passions to explore, new friendships to form, a marriage to nurture, and a relationship with God to continue to grow. It is all about looking forward to the good things you still have in your life and the good things to come.

Empty Nest, Full Life is a great book to read if you are heading towards an empty nest like I am or if you are a recent empty nester. Savage also encourages readers to get a group of other women together to read the book and discuss it together. There is a great discussion section in the back of the book for a book club to use. Reading this book alone was quite helpful to me but I think having a group of other ladies or a small group to discuss this book with would make it even better. I so appreciated how honest and real Savage is in this book. She shares her heart openly and then she encourages you to live your best "after kids" life. She also encourages parents to have good boundaries in their families to have the best relationships going forward. I so appreciate that having grown up in a family with boundaries that weren't good. Throughout Empty Nest, Full Life, she reminds readers that their lives aren't over and this is truly a new and wonderful season. I especially like that she quotes from Isaiah 43:18-19 in several places. This is just the book I needed and I plan to keep it to refer back to over the next few years.

I received this book from Moody Publishers. All opinions in this review are my own.