The Essential Jonathan Edwards Review

Book Review: 

"The Essential Jonathan Edwards" is an excellent title on the life and writings of perhaps the greatest theological mind ever produced in the United States. Over 400 pages, the book devotes the few 100 pages or so to Edwards' life while the rest describes his thoughts and writings on various subjects:

1. Beauty (God, Christ, His church, etc.).
2. The Good Life (pleasures, shape, taste, etc.).
3. True Christianity (the problem of nominal Christianity and how Edwards confronted it, examples of true Christianity in the lives of those around Edwards).
4. Heaven and Hell (the glory of heaven and the terrifying prospect of hell, living a life with a view towards eternity).

The authors have also included a section at the end of most chapters showing how Edwards' writings apply to today's church and believers. A deep read full of Edwards' profound insights on God, life, church, eternity, and a host of other topics. Will enjoy reading this title more deeply in the future. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.