Expect Something Beautiful Review

Book Review: 

I was intrigued by the book's back cover description, ultimately indicating that despite the difficulties of motherhood, God has so much in store for us that we can easily miss if we do not seek him.

Booz structures the book with two parts and fifteen chapters.

- Part One: The Essentials

- Part Two: The Gifts

I appreciate the way she separated the chapters. The first discusses the perks we receive as mothers that we often overlook. The second discusses the unique gifts that we are able to provide through our motherhood. Booz' perspective of motherhood is refreshing and convicting.

My favorite part of each chapter is the concluding Receiving section. This section summarizes the highlights and takeaways of the chapter. It emphasizes the delights of motherhood above the difficulties. It provides personal questions and reflections to ponder the applicability to our own lives. It also provides a wonderful prayer to assist in asking God to implement the concepts discussed into our hearts and minds.

This was a wonderful book for all mothers no matter their age or circumstances. If we learn to embrace the gifts we receive through motherhood, the difficulties will soon become less and less.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.