Expect Something Beautiful Review

Book Review: 

Expect Something Beautiful is such an inspirational and uplifting read. The book is organized into two parts: The Essentials and The Gifts. Part One equips readers with Biblical truths and disciplines that will help mothers blossom, such as having a strong and steady prayer life and trusting in God and His promises. Part Two, the section that spoke loudest to me, focuses on having peace, patience, faith, joy, etc. as in the fruits of the spirit displayed in Scripture.

I love how the author shares the blessings of motherhood while being candid, practical, and sometimes wit. She has a wonderful conversational tone that is easy to relate to and connect with. We, as mothers, carry one of the most important roles in a child's life and it is important that prepare our children, teach them, and we serve them right.

When you read this book, expect to be blessed, encouraged, inspired, and empowered. It helps you discover not only the sacrifices and demands of motherhood, but the beauty. Motherhood is a gift of God. Expect something beautiful.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book. My review was not influenced.