The Extraordinary Power of Praise Review

Book Review: 

This is an excellent study! I requested this study from Moody because I wanted to study Psalms, as it's one of my favorite books in the OT. I was surprised by how much good stuff it has and reads a lot like a devotional plus some space for writing your thoughts. It is a six-week study focused for the anxious heart to learn to praise God in the midst of worry and fear. I think we can all benefit from this-who hasn't been worried and afraid?

I love the content for each day and every activity is very helpful. Each week is broken down into 5 days and follows a theme or topic. The daily portion starts with a morning prayer based on a Psalm followed by a devotional paragraph or a few sentences. Then it contains an "explore" section which assigns a chapter or a couple verses for reading then there's a space to write out the verses and will ask you to circle key words. There are a few questions for reflection and space to write down your answers and thoughts. And the pattern is repeated for 1-3 Psalms more. The last two pages contain a Psalm to memorize, song recommendations, space to write a prayer, and ends with an evening praise based on a Psalm. So each day is about 8 pages long but should take about 20 mins to complete according to the author.

On the back, there are 10 practice recommendations for spending time praising God, a glossary of Hebrew words of worship, and a listening guide for teaching each section.

This is a very complete, thorough, and very Scriptural study- it's the best one I've seen. I haven't started yet but I'm excited to start this tomorrow! I highly, highly recommend this!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.