The Extraordinary Power of Praise Review

Book Review: 

The Psalms have always been one of the more popular books of the Bible for studies and preaching. And this study by Harling is no exception.

She structures the study with six weeks of five daily studies. Each week focuses on a theme related to anxiety:

- Week 1: Facing Your Fears

- Week 2: Waiting While You Worship

- Week 3: Lamenting with Authenticity

- Week 4: Praising God Leads to Contentment

- Week 5: Rekindling Exuberant Joy

- Week 6: Living in Victory

I thoroughly enjoyed the rhythm of the daily studies. Each day follows a particular pattern:

- Morning Prayer

- Harling's introduction

- Explore: reading certain Psalms and answering questions to dive deeper

- Selah - Pause and Reflect: questions to help reflect on what was learned from the Sciptures

- Memorize/Listen: specific verse to memorize and specific song to listen to

- Pour Out Your Heart: space to write your own thoughts and prayers to God

- Evening Praise: prayer to help your heart Praise the Lord

Harling does a wonderful job of diving into the Psalms and pointing out the authors' praise of God in the midst of struggle, anxiety and fear. We are quick to either give up, allow our fear to rule, or simply pour out in anger or frustration to God. Although our honesty with God regarding our emotions is exactly what he wants, our ultimate Praise for Him and who He is will be the game changer in combatting our anxieties and fears.

She includes multiple extras at the end of the book that are great additions to the overall study.

- Review of Practices to Strengthen Your Praise Journey

- Glossary of Hebrew Words

- Listening Guide for Video Teaching

I thoroughly enjoyed this study. I'm confident I will complete this study additional times down the road and look forward to learning more each time.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.