The Extraordinary Power of Praise Review

Book Review: 

I was so excited to receive a copy of this bible study from Moody Publishers!

While this bible study has a video teaching companion, you do not need the teaching videos.

The whole purpose of this study is to use praise to combat anxiety.

Becky guides us into six weeks of digging into the Psalms. The first week is on facing our fears because you cannot overcome anxiety and fear until you identify what it is you fear and apply God's truth to mitigate the fear.

The second week is giving us perspective on waiting while we worship. One source of anxiety is having to wait. We live in a microwave society. We want God to show up when we want Him to rather than waiting on His good and perfect timing.

The third week delves into lamenting with authenticity. Lamenting is another word grief and to mourn. There is always a right and wrong way to do everything including grieving. We can allow our grief to overtake us and drown out God OR we can place our grief in proper perspective allow God to be God even over it.

The fourth week leads us into seeing how praising God leads to contentment. One of the greatest things we can do is be content. Although society would have you believe that you should always be reaching for more, more, more. Rather than reaching for the kingdom of heaven and allowing more to be added unto you in God's timing.

The fifth week is on JOY. Joy comes from the Father. So it's only right to seek Him to rekindle the joy in your life.

The final week of the study is on living in victory. See Jesus already claimed victory, so we can live from a place of victory rather than trying to fight for it.

If you choose to watch the teaching videos, there is a listening guide in the appendix of the book. For me this study is not completed in 6 weeks but rather in about 12 weeks. I have a full plate and can only delve in small bites so it often takes me 2 days per day of the study.

I do recommend it, especially for those who are struggling with anxiety and those who are always seeking more. Sometimes you need to stop and seek Jesus.

As always, please note I did receive a copy of this bible study from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.