Farewell, Four Waters Review

Book Review: 

Marie is a foreign aid worker in Afghanistan. Farewell, Four Waters is her, mostly true, story of the 14 days post-assassination of an aid worker in Kabul. From saying farewell to her roommate, co-worker and friend as she returns to America, to the approval and maintenance of her foreign literacy project there is a lot packed into these 14 days.

Written in close connection to her own life in Afghanistan, author Kate McCord pens of her painfully real experiences as an American in a Muslim, foreign country. The friendships she develops and the sacrifices she makes are authentically raw and so well captured within the pages here. While some days pass by rather mundane, others are packed in unbelievable sequences of events.

Despite this being one women’s story of looking over her shoulder in a foreign country, it is excruciatingly similar to the realities many women face in America as well. However, as Americans we often skim past the struggles others are facing in the world, and we fail to recognize the good deeds our ministries are going abroad. McCord brings these works to life in this, Farewell, Four Waters.

*Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by the publisher. All opinions are my own.