Farewell, Four Waters Review

Book Review: 

I have read the author's previous two books- In the Land of the Blue Burqas, and Why God Calls Us To Dangerous Places- and was fascinated by her activities in Afghanistan. I was interested in reading Farewell, Four Waters which is the author's fictional account of her own and others' experiences in Afghanistan. This is slightly longer chapter book but I was interested for the entirety. The reader will learn a wonderful amount about life in Afghanistan just from reading this novel. The characters are very real which makes sense since the author based it off of her own experiences. I was a little disappointed by how quickly the end culminated after I spend the entire book wondering when the intrigue and suspense in the book would begin. I will point out that this book is not a suspense novel for light reading. It is an informative novel which will open the reader's eyes to life in Afghanistan, particularly of an American's life in that country.