Fierce Woman Review

Book Review: 

So I requested to read Fierce Women by Kimberly Wagner. I received it from the Publisher for free in exchange for my honest review.

It seemed very interesting to me. I was one of those people who saw fierce women as either sharply dressed women or overly ambitious women. So as I began reading this book, I was thinking okay none of this applies to me. I'm one of those women who isn't so outspoken when it comes to my husband. Usually I keep my comments and suggestions to myself unless asked for {I've felt the repercussions of giving unwanted advice}. Another thing I noticed is that my husband doesn't fit the profile of the men she describes. My husband is very strong and is kind of like its my way or the highway. There is no room for argument, sometimes you can compromise with him but not too often. And so I was left with the thought to stop reading the book because I can't relate. I'm not fierce, I don't know anyone who ever describe me as fierce.

However I continued reading the book, out of obligation and curiosity. Then I realized that for us the cycle was the other way around. And that was how I related to the book. Then I realized that I do have something in common with the fierce woman, pride. My pride sometimes will have me holding a grudge for hours. Sometimes my pride will have me say I forgive but don't quite forget and hold on to the hurt. And that's a big issue in marriage. Once we decide to forgive, we have to let go of the hurt or pride will creep in and cause a big mess.

I may read the book again, probably not anytime soon. Yet I do recommend the book to other women who fit the "fierce woman" role. I say this because many women are fierce, destructively fierce, and they don't recognize it however they wonder "why is my marriage/relationship like this?" They have a pride issue. I think that was it boils down to PRIDE, which is a very ugly word and can cause much distress.

One thing I will say to women reading this blog, if you are having issues in your marriage, relationships {with men}, ask yourself is it me? Am I too aggressive? Do I use my influence to be demeaning and negative? Is your husband in a cocoon trying to stay away from you? One thing I will tell you is to go get this book, read it, identify with it and do something about YOU.

So this is my honest opinion on this book and the effect it had on me. It's a good book. It's becomes great when one identifies with the fierce woman and can take the initiative to become a beautifully fierce woman.