Fierce Woman Review

Book Review: 

Want a better marriage.....Here's the book for that.

What do you think about when you hear the word fierce? To me things like annoying, aggressive, and intense come to mind. Does fierce have any place in a Godly woman’s life? I didn't think so but, contrary to popular belief it does and in her book, Fierce Women: The Power Of A Soft Warrior, Kimberly Wagner shows us how fierce can work in your life to make you a strong woman of God and how it can go drastically wrong.

When thinking about being Biblical, I think about being a doormat, church mouse or just otherwise non-extant. Biblical never equaled fierce, in my opinion, until now. Wagner shows us how we can be a Godly woman, help our husbands the way we were intended to, and still be fierce. Sounds great to me and it is. Now, there are some drawbacks or should I say words of caution.

Wagner informs us there is a right and wrong way to be fierce. There are what she calls “The Deadly Three” and “The Life-Giving Trio.” These are the three character traits that can either make you a destructively fierce woman or beautifully fierce one.

Through the sharing of her own life story about her marriage she shows us how to become a beautifully fierce woman and turn away from our old ways, casting off the three deadly traits so that we may help our husbands be the men of God that they were intended to be.

At the end of the chapter Wagner has questions for you to get you thinking about yourself and your marriage. I love what she has named them. They are called “Heart Issues.” She couldn’t have picked a better name for those. They really do touch your heart and make you reflect on what kind of fierce woman you are. Reflection upon our hearts is what can really change us.

Becoming amazing women will teach our future generations that it's ok to be Godly and still be strong. We need to show our daughters that we can still be strong women but, know when and how to be fierce. If there is one thing that I can do for my daughter it will be to teach her how to be a beautifully fierce Biblical woman. I pray that this book can help me to do that. Marriage has taken a wrong turn and, with this book as a guide, we can put marriage back where it belongs...A top priority!

*I received this book complimentary from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*