Fierce Woman Review

Book Review: 

I was intrigued by this one; Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior. I admit, I tend to be a bit hard on myself. I am an extreme introvert and at the same time a very sure and outspoken, kind of gal. I guess warrior is a good word to describe me (when I must be one!) It was such an affirming read; God created men and women each for a very special role and I need to remember that and embrace that strong spirit He gave to me. There are many ways we can be fierce and still be living according to His will and His word. We are in a battle after all; marriage is a type and a shadow of we who are His bride ~ It is powerful when it is glorifying to God alone. In the words of the author herself: " you read, take moments to pause, ponder, and pray. May you encounter the Lord of Battles within these pages and receive insight and instruction for serving Him as a soft warrior—the Fierce Woman who is empowered by the Spirit and softened by His grace."(2). This is a read that will change your life, and your mind; one that has power within the pages!