Fierce Woman Review

Book Review: 

When I was in college, I received a copy of a a page out of a high school home ec book which told the reader that a wife is basically a slave to her husband. This fifties interpretation of marriage left an impression on my mind which grew up watching Buffy Summers battle demons and monsters every week.
So when I saw the title of the book “Fierce Women” I knew I had to read it. I am a feminist and I love anything about a woman who is strong, whether that be a quiet woman who stands by her family in a time of need, or a woman in a soldier’s uniform. Doesn’t matter, strong women are AWESOME.
While I am a feminist, I think women who don’t consider themselves feminist can get something out of this. I would be interested in finding out what a person who didn’t consider themselves Christian would think of this book.
I went to a catholic college and I think this would be a fabulous book to be used as a text in a women’s study class; perhaps a women and religion class.
I thought that Author Kimberly Wagner was very bold an brave to be open about how sometimes her fierceness has sometimes had a negative influence on her marriage ;as well as other anecdotes of her journey into fiercedom.
There are a lot of snippets I found helpful throughout the text, “marriage is much bigger than the two people in a particular marriage, her definitions of fear as False Evidence Appearing Real, Patterns of pride etc.
I would definitely recommend this book to women, as well as to couples as a way of opening communication.