Fierce Woman Review

Book Review: 

Are you a fierce woman? Are you using your fierce traits to the benefit of your marriage, or to it's destruction? Within the pages of Fierce Woman Kimberly Wagner defines the characteristics of both a "beautifully fierce woman" and a "destructive fierce woman".

I found I had both "beautiful" and "destructive" characteristics. I felt convicted in several points of the book and took time to pray and confess. I also found that I had actually made progress in my 18 years of marriage and am now leaning more towards the "beautiful fierce" than the "destructive fierce" than I did earlier in our marriage which I found to be encouraging.

Although I did enjoy several chapters of Fierce Woman I have to admit there were a few chapters that I felt didn't really seem to fit the book. I thought the book was suppose to address strictly how to harness our inner fierce woman to the benefit of our marriage but it also addresses a few more topics that just seemed to take the reader away from the main message of the book.

Still if you are a woman who is known for her strong independent nature, this book is a great read to help you see if you are using those tendencies to build or deflate your husband and therefore your marriage.

(I was given a copy of this book for purpose of review but opinions are 100% mine)