First-Time Dad Review

Book Review: 

This is my review for First Time Dad by John Fuller.

John Fuller, Cohost of Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast, has provided a text that is clearly; affirming, convicting, encouraging, practical & quite pointed. Throughout all of those aspects of the book, Fuller uses tact & grace as he approaches first time fathers. He absolutely pulls back the curtain on his strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, & accomplishments.

Within the first chapter, I was already sensing that I was not alone in my fears, doubts, hopes, dreams, thoughts, and convictions. The author’s words brings the reader great comfort in reminding you that you are not perfect, your child won’t be perfect, but their is potential for you to pass on a great torch & legacy, if you…

Take the time & effort to truly love your child
Take the time & effort to engage with your child
Take the time & effort to balance out your life, leaning towards being at home more.
Take the time & effort to love your spouse, so your child can see.
Take the time & effort to be a man of integrity & a man of faith, hope & love.

John Fuller paints a clear, pointed picture of first time fatherhood. He puts the principles in black & white and refuses to hold back from telling the reader how it is & how it needs to be. This book provides a punch to the gut as well as a pat on the back.

I was provided this book from for the purpose of review. The above thoughts are my own.