Five to Thrive Review

Book Review: 

"Five To Thrive" is an excellent and easy-to-understand read on legitimate we human beings have and suggestions for meeting those needs God's way instead of relying on our flesh and getting into all sorts of trouble. Just over 200 pages, the title covers many topics on the subject, including:

- Ways we deceive ourselves when trying to meet our needs.
- How God meets our five core needs.
- 3 sources of security.
- Qualities to examine when determining how healthy our identity is.
- Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your friendship skills.
- Questions to ask for developing your life's purpose.
- Suggestions for determining what you are good at.
- 4 steps of transformation for becoming more like Christ.

The title is practical, transitions smoothly from chapter to chapter, and keeps the Bible the center of the book. The author acknowledges the reality that we have legitimate needs and encourages the reader to have those needs met God's way instead of our own manipulation. Recommended and will read again.

I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.