Forerunners of the Faith Review

Book Review: 

I was very excited for this book. As Christians, I find it very important for us to understand the history of the Church along with the history of some of the most influential believers of our time. I expected this to be a book that simply provided information on the history of the Christian Faith. Turns out it's actually a workbook study. This was a fun surprise and very much appreciate the structure of the book.
The workbook style was a wonderful structure for this book as it forced me to really listen, read and discern the information. The introduction of the book provides a website to find the corresponding lectures that accompany each chapter. Busenitz also provides several additional resources for further study. He also provides a section that outlines ten reasons to study church history. This is of course very helpful to those who may question if it's worth their time.

This study includes four parts and thirteen chapters:

- Part 1: The Apostolic Age (1st Century)

- Part 2: The Patristic Period (2nd-5th Centuries)

- Part 3: The Middle Ages (6th-15th Centuries)

- Part 4: The Reformation and Modern Period (16th-20th Centuries)

This book provides a great foundational understanding of Christian Church history and its leading faith filled believers. People of adoption often feel a burden of understanding where they came from. This is the same for believers as our background is being adopted through faith into Jesus' kingdom. We should desire to understand that history and background just as much as our earthly history.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.