Forgive Your Way to Freedom Review

Book Review: 

Gil Mertz' Forgive Your Way to Freedom: Reconcile Your Past and Reclaim Your Future reminds us that forgiveness and mercy are at the center of the Christian faith -- and without them our own lives shrivel and entrap us in darkness. Forgiveness is not only about setting those who have done us wrong free but it also sets the one who is forgiving free. Forgiveness is made possible because God in Christ has forgiven so much for us.

Mertz' book is a richly-rewarding book about the Christian spiritual life that embraces a healthy mental and relational life. Forgive Your Way to Freedom is full of so much pastoral wisdom based on Mertz' own practices in various types of ministry. It reminds us that we need to count the costs of holding on to unforgiveness. Of the pain associated with blaming others.

Like I said, it's a richly rewarding book -- even if readers will find it challenging in a variety of places.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review here.