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Book Review: 

Asheritah Ciuciu explains in her book the real, growing struggles with the food: overeating, under-eating, calories control-freak factor, surprisingly can lead to idolatry.

One more piece can be dangerous, especially if the stomach rules the day… I deserve one more piece of chocolate brownie after this stressful week! All of that is a trap of the enemy to bring guilt, more pounds, and stress to our lives.

The author points out God gave this delisheous food as a good gift, but the food was never ment to satisfy and comfort. That’s what God is there to do! She explains how to turn from the hunger of the stomach to the hunger of God: for His presence, for His fullness, because He is the Living Water, a Life!

Asheritah included some online links in the book for more articles and videos connecting to the book topics.