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Book Review: 

I’ve read many diet books. I’ve done many diets. I’ve had some success on some. In fact, one time when my daughters were pretty young, I determined I was going to get skinny. And I did. Pretty fast too. Too fast. And too skinny. And I discovered that my addiction to food could easily be converted to other addictions – like the addiction to dieting, or to starving myself, or to getting just one size skinnier. It was scary.

I haven’t “dieted” since then. Oh, I’ve tried to watch what I eat, limit my sugar intake, stop eating carbs, etc., I followed some pretty crazy “Christian” diets that I quickly learned were not good even though most of them had some good information, etc. It’s been a journey.

All that to say, I wasn’t expecting too much when I got this book. But, I had heard the author on the radio once when I was running errands and at the time that I heard the interview they were talking about food and worship. I was intrigued with what she was saying – and I thought it was profound and totally different from anything I’d heard about “dieting” before. Mostly because it wasn’t about dieting at all. And I liked that.

I started reading this one and wondered if it would be the same old same old but it’s not. It’s really not. This is a book about your relationship with God and His word … and a little bit about how that relates to food. But that’s a good thing because, with all addictions, it’s rarely REALLY about the substance of choice. It’s about what’s going on in your mind and where your heart’s focus is.

Favorite chapter? Chapter 8. Celebrate the gift of food. This is the chapter that I heard the author discussing in the interview on the radio and it filled out what I heard. The book is worth this chapter alone and I’m convinced if we’d just do some of the suggestions she makes here, our outlook about food and dieting and fellowship and mealtime and … a bunch of stuff, would be much, much different.

So yeah, better than I expected AND highly recommended! Get this book!

I received a paperback copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.