Glorious Finish Review

Book Review: 

"Glorious Finish" by Daniel Henderson is a great read, tailored mainly towards pastors, for finishing life on a good note. Around 190 pages, the book focuses on two paths a pastor can take in life: one leading to a great finish and one for a bad ending. Some of the topics covered include:

- Being careful of letting our work for the Lord getting in the way of our relationship with Jesus Christ.
- Living an authentic life instead of being a religious phony.
- Learning to be joyful in the Lord instead of complaining of what you do not have.
- Being accountable to others instead of living in a bubble (many men don't like being accountable to others).
- Being humble in the Lord instead of relying on fleshly self-effort.
- Living a life of integrity instead of separating your life into compartments.
- The importance of living with eternity in mind of being obsessed with the temporal.

Well-written, encouraging, and convicting, the book is and excellent read and will be a helpful future reference and reminder to let the Holy Spirit operate in and through you for God's glory. Recommended.

I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.