God Speaks Your Love Language Review

Book Review: 


This is literally a book I wanted to write. In fact, at one point in time (before this book was published) I even started researching and taking notes for this book. That's because I think it's a really important book. So, when I saw it was published and that the publisher was willing to send me a copy to review, I jumped at the chance. (Although to clarify, this is one of those books I totally would have bought if I wasn't sent one for free.)


I think so highly of this author that I didn't think it was possible, but he actually succeeded my expectations. Yeah, it was that good.

If y'all have been around long at all you've probably heard how learning about the 5 Love Languages changed my life when I was in my teens. Since then I've read multiple editions of the books, told hundreds of people about them, and taken the test many times. Still, this book presented me with new information, giving me several great "ah-ha" moments where my life was brought into a clearer focus.

For instance, one of my top love languages is touch. I also like to dance at church. And people at my church don't exactly dance, so as you can imagine, I've sometimes pondered why I do dance? Well, as it turns out, there's a correlation between having touch as one of your primary love languages and dancing, etc... while worshiping. I would have never guessed, but it made so much sense to me. Pretty cool, right?

This book does a great job of providing a quick but good foundation as to what the love languages are, how they fit into everyday life and then showing how God speaks everyone of the love languages - which is totally wonderful. The author points out that God created languages in the first place, and He also created us to respond to certain love languages, so it makes sense that He also speaks all the love languages.

Learning about you might relate to God differently than those around you can be very helpful in helping you to stop feeling less spiritual, or maybe judging someone else as being less spiritual. It can also give you a greater understanding of how you can learn to know God on a deeper level.

The book is also super easy to read (as with all of this author's writings), interesting and gives the most practical of tips of how to make your life more balanced.


I highly recommend this book. There might have been a thing or two that I don't fully agree with, but as I'm writing this review only glowing positives come to mind. Y'all should read it. (And yes, it can be read even without having read any of the other love language books.)


I'm giving God Speaks Your Love Language five out of five stars and super duper highly recommend it. Also, thank you so much to the publisher for giving me a copy so I could review it and share with y'all.