God's Pursuit of Man Review

Book Review: 

I recently got my hands on a copy of his work, God’s Pursuit of Man. After taking the time to work through this small book (141 pages), I am ready to let others know about it. This work is a prequel to what is probably Tozer’s most famous work, The Pursuit of God. I thought so much of The Pursuit of God and was anxious to see what Tozer had to say before that wonderful work.

In God’s Pursuit of Man, Tozer tackles the issue of what salvation is all about. I think that this is a very important topic at this time. There seems to be thought that salvation is just a decision that a person makes at one point in time and that is it. Tozer is careful to layout in this work how salvation is a complete work of God in the life of a person that comes to Him by faith. It involves a complete change of the entirety of a person.

While Tozer tackles many theological points that deal with salvation in God’s Pursuit of Man, he does so in a way that most anyone can grasp the “golden nuggets” that he is giving through his writing. This is one of the elements that I appreciate so much about Tozer’s writing. This comes out wonderfully in God’s Pursuit of Man.

When it comes to wanting to know about the Christian faith in a straightforward manner, few do it better than A. W. Tozer. I would strongly suggest that a person get a copy of God’s Pursuit of Man and dive in. You will find a great treasure of the teaching of God’s word on the subject of what salvation truly is.