Growing Up Social Review

Book Review: 

Wow. What a powerful insight into the world of technology that we live in. Yes, I've read many articles regarding the effects of technology, both negative and positive, on both children and adults. Yes, we now have tons of research that shows how technically is literally changing our brains and physical bodies. This book brings all of it to light even more and brings us as parents to a proper conviction of raising our kids in a technologically consumed society.

First, I appreciated that this book is more of a "how to navigate technology" rather than a "rules to abide by with technology". Chapman and Pellicane not only presented the negative effects of technology, but they presented ways it can be positive to our children and ways we can still implement technology on a healthier level. They recognize that our society is saturated with technology and there is no way around removing it completely. It's part of the way we live now. But we have the power to navigate it in a healthy way rather than letting it control us. This allowed me as a parent to not be overwhelmed with guilt but rather being hopeful that we can utilize technology well!

The authors include 14 chapters throughout the book with the first 7 addressing several A+ skills. A+ skills are defined as "strong moral character traits that will predict your child's success as he or she grows into an adult". These were wonderful to read about and attempt to decipher with my own children.

The second part of the book is spent primarily on the effects of technology. Once again, a powerful plethora of research and insight. My favorite sections included the additional sections after the conclusion. They end with a personal story of the effects of technology on one young girl and her family. They then provide a checklist of social development by ages and stages. This is always beneficial as it gives parents an idea of where their children should be and addresses potential concerns. They also have a quiz that indicates the level of technology use by your children. This is followed by a discussion group questions section. This allows the book to be used as a couple or within a small group. I love the questions that help us to dive deeper into our personal lives with our children and our own thoughts of technology.

This was a wonderful book that every parent should read. It provides such amazing insight into our children, technology, and our world and ways that we can change it for the better.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.