The Grumbler's Guide to Giving Thanks Review

Book Review: 

This was a great quick read. Admittedly I read a lot and read quickly but this book took me just one afternoon to read. Thanksgiving season has come and gone but this book points out that thanksgiving is gratitude from the heart. The author is a self-confessed pessimist and he invites us to join him on the journey to move from grumpiness to gratitude. If you find it difficult to be thankful (raises hand) then consider this book, the author doesn’t write from a point of perfection, which I appreciate it. At the end of the book is Crowe’s “Gratitude Challenge,” maybe I’ll give it a go and try it out. This book was great for 2020, or really any year pointing us back to Christ as the source of our joy.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.