Habakkuk Review

Book Review: 

I was so excited to go through this study. Habakkuk is not a typical book of the Bible you hear being preached on or see many books written about. Obviously God included it in the Bible for a reason and having a better understanding of what He is showing us through it can be a powerful weapon.

What I found most interesting about this study is that it seemed to be extremely timely given our current year of chaos and brokenness. The story of Habakkuk is profoundly relatable to our lives and what we learn about Christ is incredible.

To be clear, this is a study that requires work on your part. It's not a devotional. The amount of work seemed to be just right for a morning, lunch break, or evening.

Gresh structures the study into six weeks with each week including five Meditations and a podcast. I love that she doesn't just hand out the answers. She requires the reader to dig deep into scripture, provides appropriate and thoughtful questions and activities, and then addresses it head on with her own insight and wisdom. She also does a wonderful job of incorporating her own personal experiences and stories to assist in capturing the concepts.

This book provided deep study into Scripture and God Himself. It could be adapted easily to fit individual study, 1-1 study, or group study.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.