Habakkuk Review

Book Review: 

When you peruse the shelves of your favorite retailer, it isn’t every day that you come across a women’s Bible study on a minor prophet. That’s one reason I’m excited to share Dannah Gresh’s latest book, Habakkuk: Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent with you!

Habakkuk is a 6-week Bible study from Moody Publishers that helps you to answer the question, “Why does God seem silent when I need Him most?” Each week, Dannah weaves together weekly podcasts, Bible study, daily Scripture reading, discussion questions, and more to help women understand how Habakkuk went from a life of doubting, fearing, and questioning God to one of living by faith.

During this study, you’ll meditate on a number of practical, topical questions, such as:

* How do I know whether I’m living by fear or by faith?
* Why is it so hard to hear God when I’m hurting?
* How do I rejoice when I’m terrified or simply don’t feel like it?

In the process, you’ll discover how many of the issues that the people in Habakkuk’s day faced bear striking similarities to the issues that we face in our culture as well.

Aesthetically speaking, the cover and contents of Habakkuk are a beauty to behold! The purple and white color scheme is carried through the book in the form of watercolors and illustrations that visually enhance the text. The layout is spaced so that nothing feels cramped – the fonts are easy to read and there are lots of places to journal. The book also includes a wide range of exercises with spaces for you to record your answers on.

If you are curious about the Old Testament and the prophets but have been concerned that these topics would be to difficult, dry or irrelevant to study, then Habakkuk is the perfect study for you! By studying Habakkuk, the author hopes that women will remember how God has been faithful in the past, gain perspective on the trials that they’re currently facing, and learn how to navigate them free of fear and full of joy.