Habakkuk Review

Book Review: 

This Habakkuk Bible Study was sent to me by Moody Publishers, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
Dannah Gresh wrote this Women’s Bible study. She has written many other books. She is a very good author.
Habakkuk – Remembering God’s Faithfulness When He Seems Silent came at the perfect time for me…Isn’t it awesome how we serve such an “on time” Gods!?! I love Him so much!! I lost my brother to this horrifying COVID-19 monster. Then, I had a pinched nerve or three months, and was in excruciating pain. After that, my liver enzymes spiked and we had that scare and all of the tests involved with that. This study is about not being afraid when God doesn’t seem to be listening…He ALWAYS IS!!
I love the way this study is set up! You have to pay attention to what you’re reading and studying. She has a podcast or a video for each of the six weeks in this study. She also includes questions to answer while you watch or listen. You need to keep a highlighter handy, because, if you’re like me, you’ll want to remember A LOT of what you’re studying. She shows us a little about verse mapping and asks thoughtful questions about what you read…not just a bunch of fill in the blanks. There’s also a prayer prompt each day to write a prayer about what the Holy Spirit is saying to you.
I would definitely recommend this study. I’m learning so much!!