The Hand of God Review

Book Review: 

This book is so incredibly easy to read and understand. I love that Alistair takes the story of Joseph, which we all know in one way or another (as he points out, most know about his multi-color coat), and gives it more depth and makes it relevant to our own life. He also ties Romans 8 into the story and explains why we can trust God in our lives.

Mr. Begg shows us how Joseph was strong in his faith and trusted God in all circumstances. He explains how God's promise to work things out for our good is so evident in all the circumstances of Joseph's life.

Another thing you can trust is that this book is Biblical. Alistair Begg is a pastor who teaches Biblical truths in a way that is relate-able and trustworthy. I listen to his radio program daily and his teaching is always excellent, just like this book.

I loved how he explains that Joseph's character was developing despite the conflict in his own family as a child and young man. His faith in God was developing and growing strong despite the opposition he received from his brothers. This was very encouraging to me as we all can grow our character despite our circumstances and, sometimes, because of them.

I came away from this book knowing that I can trust God and that He will work all my circumstances out for my good. I also loved that he encouraged us to use our gifts and reach out to others even as we get older. It's a wonderful book that I can highly recommend to everyone. I give this book 5 stars.