Harvest of Rubies Review

Book Review: 

Harvest of Rubies by Tessa Afshar takes you deep into ancient Persia. Sarah is trying to be a Jew in a Pagan land, a female scribe in a man’s world, a daughter to estranged father, and on top of all that she has no idea how to be a woman. Sarah has lost her trust in God after her mother’s death and only finds purpose in being the head scribe to the queen. Her world comes crashing down when she is promised in marriage to the King’s cousin and unintentionally belittles him in front of the entire the court. He exiles her to his estate for the summer as punishment, but Sarah finds corruption on his lands and sets to redeem herself in God’s eyes and save her husband’s wealth. Sarah just might find God again, true friendship, how beautiful she is and that there might be more to her husband than scorn and distrust.
I loved Pearl in the Sand and read it twice and oh, this one is just as wonderful! Sarah’s journey is both painful and beautiful. I loved how Afshar weaved in the stories of Esther and Nehemiah into the plot. The intrigue, redemption, humor and love story make this a lovely read that I plan on enjoying again! The character development is superb and I fell in love with all the characters especially the queen! The best part is that there is a sequel coming soon! ! I highly recommend this book!
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