Hawaiian Crosswinds Review

Book Review: 

Rafe Easton and Eden Derrington agree to postpone their wedding for another year. Rafe is busy on the Legislature, and Eden is still doggedly pursing her dream to meet her mother on the leper island of Molokai. Eden wants to work with her father, Dr. Jerome in his new clinic, as she wants to strengthen the bond with a man that has been away on medical research trips for most of her life. Despite Rafe and Eden's difference of opinion in regards to the Annexation of Hawaii, they are determined to hold on and see their year of waiting through.

But then an old enemy of the Easton family threatens Rafe's newly adopted son Kip and his mother. Having to drop everything and sail for San Francisco does not bode well with Rafe, or his fragile relationship with Eden. Will Rafe be able to convince Eden that they should marry before the year is up? Will Eden be forced to choose between the love for Rafe and or that of her father? And will the secrets of these missionary families be exposed and destroy them all?

With the groundwork for this novel set in place by the first book, "The Spoils of Eden" Chaikin sets the stage for a wonderful sequel. Combining events in the timeline of Hawaii's history, adding historical characters along with her fictitious cast, made for an informative yet enjoyable lesson in little known part of Hawaii's history. I can't say I was glued to this novel, but I savored every chapter of this story and enjoyed it very much.

This book was provided for by the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.