He Calls Me Friend Review

Book Review: 

I have never read a book by Perkins let alone even heard of him before. but I just recently read a couple books regarding our basic need for relationship and thoroughly enjoyed them. so I felt this could be a good addition.

first, the book wasn't exactly as I expected. a majority of the book is like a memoir of Perkins' own life experiences in the realm of friendship and relationship. although this is powerful, provides great insight, and gives hope and encouragement, I wasn't expecting it to be about the author's life so much.

the book is structured with four parts:

- friendship with god the father

- friendship with Jesus

- friendship with the Holy Spirit

- friendship with others

I absolutely loved that he split the trinity into their specific roles and detailed the importance of a friendship with each person of the trinity. we can often lump god, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all in one - because they are one! but they are also separate an acknowledging, embracing, and utilizing their characteristics, roles, and power of each is so important to our created being.

I also appreciate that he put our friendship with the trinity first and foremost above our friendship with others. we were created for relationship but our friendship with others is impossible without being in tune with god, jesus and the Holy Spirit first. the trinity is what enables us to be a godly friend and have godly friends.

despite the book having a memoir feeling, Perkins did discuss the lives of Abraham, Moses, and David in order to grasp some great pointers from their friendship with god and others. I gained a lot of insight through these discussions and my perspective on the biblical characters' lives.

overall I believe Perkins did a wonderful job of presenting our need for relationship and what that looks like practically and scripturally.

I receive a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.