HE is Enough Review

Book Review: 

Colossians is a book of the Bible I have personally yet to study. I've read a few verses like everyone else, but never did an in-depth study on it. I was excited to see that this study was available and just had to grab a copy to review for myself. Asheritah Ciuciu is a new author to me (though I have heard of her before on YouTube) so this was going to be a full on new experience. This is a 6 week study that has 5 days of studying, a weekend reflection and uses the FEAST study method.

The FEAST study method is one that I know of, but have never personally used in my own studies. FEAST stands for:
Focus on God (open in prayer)
Engage the text (read and observe scripture)
Assess the main idea (interpret the meaning)
Spark transformation (apply the main idea to your life)
Turn to God in worship (respond with adoration)

Check out her video on YouTube on how to do this method.

I find that this study offers so much to it's reader! Every week you get a cute page with artwork that I personally think is great for coloring in. There are also links to different resources to download and/or watch to help make this study more effective. You can find a few word studies throughout as well.

This study is one that is deep and takes its time. It's not a rushed study. This is great for a small group, but even better for those who like to study alone. I like to do both, but I find that I get more insight when I do studies like this alone with God and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal things to me.

If you are looking for a study that will break down the book of Colossians in small bits, this is absolutely a great study and I totally recommend it! The verse-by-verse study helps you take it all in without being overwhelmed and the questions along with cross references really help you to think about the study and apply to your life.