He is Not Silent Review

Book Review: 

While the number of unbelievers/atheists/agostics/etc. continues to climb (especially in the United States) and world violence and chaos increases, one would think that God is silent and is not acting in the world. In "He Is Not Silent", Albert Mohler would beg to differ and offers several reasons and thoughts to challenge that assumption.

Around 170 pages, the book addresses many areas of the central theme, including:

1. Factors contributing to the weakening of biblical preaching in the 21st century.
2. Various ways God reveals Himself through the Trinity (Father, Son, Spirit).
3. Points to consider to focus on expository preaching.
4. Definition and characteristics of expository preaching.
5. What true expository preaching is.
6. Forms of false authority that preachers need to be careful of.
7. Various ways to preach Christ.
8. The 4 great movements of history that can help us better understand the Bible.

Well-written and informative, the book is a good challenge to hang in there - God is not silent and He is all powerful to make things happen, even when we cannot see it. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.