He is Not Silent Review

Book Review: 

Expository Preaching Only?

The preaching of the gospel is the central component to Christian worship of a triune God. When we devalue the ministry of the Word, we find no other center can hold the weight of magnifying Christ, and we produce anemic disciples. In a world full of voices and platforms, it is easy to drown out the voice of God, finding him silent and aloof to the problems and circumstances of our day. In preaching, we find that God still speaks today.

Mohler seeks to reclaim the full ministry of preaching as the center of congregational worship. He rejects a "felt-needs" preaching model, in favor of a robust, exegetical, and expository look at God's Word. Moreover, he argues the ONLY form of faithful, biblical preaching is expository preaching.

Two standout features of this book are the importance of the grand narrative of Scripture in the role of preaching, as well as a chapter devoted to examining Spurgeon's famously characteristic preaching style as a model and example to us of preaching faithfully in a postmodern world (I'm not saying Spurgeon was postmodern, but an example for us now).