He is Not Silent Review

Book Review: 

“Preaching is therefore always a matter of life and death” (63). God speaks to His people through the public proclamation of His Word. God is not silent. He is not distant. He is not unknowable. We can hear Him, draw near to Him, and know Him through the Bible.

The subject of this book is one of preaching, but this is a book for far more than the pastor of a church. It is a compelling case study into the current Christian cultural landscape and a must read for the pastor as well as the everyday Christian. 

The authority of Scripture is not to be taken lightly, or altogether discarded, misused, or disobeyed as is so often the case for the regular Christian. As Dr. Mohler references, “Many today claim Christianity as their religion while living like atheists.” May that not be true of you and I.  May that not be true of the congregations we lead or participate in. 

Dr. Mohler writes clearly, authoritatively, and compellingly about the necessity of preaching the full counsel of the Bible. It is through knowing God's Word that we are best able to know God and faithfully follow Him.

A book claiming to contain absolute truth is a book that, in our current cultural climate, will face quite a bit of backlash. And those who are called to preach that absolute truth will themselves face tension and struggle and hardship. Mohler writes, "The task of truth-telling is stranger than it used to be. In this age, telling the truth is tough business and not for the faint-hearted." May every follower of Christ, not just the preacher, be willing and able to communicate clearly the truth of the Word of God.

Mohler commends the preacher and Christ-follower about the urgency of the Gospel. God is not silent, nor can we be silent about what God has spoken so clearly and urgently about. This is a wonderful read and one I would encourage every Christ-follower to read.