Heart for the Community, A Review

Book Review: 

A Heart for the Community is a collection of essays written by those in the trenches of urban and suburban church planting and parachurch initiatives in and around the city of Chicago, IL. I very much appreciate how each of the writers opened up their hearts to share their journeys into their ministry settings, the various challenges they and their families have faced, and joys they have experienced as they have sought to obey and follow God's leading.

Each contributor shares real-life stories and distills learnings and transferable principles from their experiences. The book explores the various approaches they have taken to holistically bring the gospel to their communities. It also reveals how they have addressed the ethnic, cultural, and generational distinctives of their environments as they seek to effectively reach people with God's love in relevant ways while seeking to stay true to the heart of the gospel.

I found the book challenging, inspiring, and helpful. I would highly recommend it - especially to those who are interested in church planting.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.