Heaven Revealed Review

Book Review: 

Paul Enns reminds us that there will come a day with no more sorrow and pain in his recent publication of Heaven Revealed. This book which I received from the Publisher, MP Newsroom, in exchange for my honest review couldn't hav ce came at a better timing. I was reading while care-taking my mother-in-law who was in her last stages of lung cancer. She passed away last week and I have reread many chapters of comfort not only for myself but to share with her family. Reading this book makes one excited about the afterlife. Mr. Enns uses scripture to define what we can expect to happen there and what we will be doing. It makes whatever struggle we may be encountering seem minute compared to the joy that awaits us over there for eternity. From my personal experience I would highly recommend to all those who are grieving or experiencing loss. Chapter 5 gives great hope to those who may be suffering from illness by sharing the promise that our bodies will be perfect in Heaven. I will cherish this book and keep it as a tool whenever I need to remember the awesome promise of the afterlife.